What is TLAP?

TLAP (Technology Literacy Assessment Program) is an
online technology
literacy assessment that has been
developed as part of a Title 2D Grant,
by numerous
school districts and BOCES throughout the state of Colorado. TLAP addresses schools’ need to comply with state and
federal reporting requirements on assessing the technology literacy
proficiency of 8th grade students.
The TLAP assessment consists of 36 multiple-choice questions, 6 questions per ISTE standard. The average time for taking the assessment is 22 minutes. Students needing multiple class periods are able to log in as often as needed during their scheduled assessment window to complete the assessment.

History of TLAP:

In 2008-09, TLAP was developed, pilot tested, introduced, and demonstrated at both the 2009 TIE and CASE conferences.
In 2010, additional grant funds were approved to enhance the TLAP system, including security, added features and reports, and was used state-wide. I
n addition to the TLAP assessment, there is now a TLAP Pre-assessment (a practice version). Both assessments are available in English and Spanish along with 504 compliance.




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