Data Collection and Reports

Data Collection & Reports

TLAP reports include the scheduled assessment summary and detail which provide information to track assessment groups. There are also the student detail, student score listing, school, and district reports. They show score information by ISTE standard and compared with the 8th grade proficiency standard, as well as with other students or schools. The TLAP District Administrator will also have access to the CDE Report for their district.

See information about each report below. Click on the link to see a sample of each report.

  • Student Detail Report – produces individual reports for a single student, for all of the students in one school, or for all students in all schools in your district. Student reports can also be run by scheduled assessment group.
  • Student Score Listing – produces a spreadsheet-style report with one line per student, showing the student’s overall score as well as the sub-score for each ISTE standard.
  • School Report
    reports on a single school or all schools in your district.

  • District Report
    report results include all schools in your district and all completed assessments for those schools.

  • CDE Report
    gathers the data and fields required for electronic state reporting completed by each district.